Thank God it’s normal

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After getting the nephew’s schedule for 2DECHO examination, I am so worried of the result. I know it is not good to think negatively but I cannot help myself. There are lots of negative thoughts that come up in my mind no matter how I tried to think positive. Maybe because of the incident that happens to my nephew few weeks ago. Remembering the nephew’s face had difficulty in breathing makes me think negatively. I even think of the worst case. I had bad thoughts and I hate myself for thinking that way. I just hope and pray that the result after the examination is normal.

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While waiting outside the Heart Station, I keep looking at the sister’s face to cheer her up. I have to look fine and think positively so the sister will not worry too much. She even asked me if I prayed for her son, my nephew. Of course I am! When the doctor’s arrives, the negative thoughts came in. I just pray while looking at the nephew. When the check-up is done, the doctor said that the nephew’s heart is normal. We do not have to worry because he is healthy as well as his heart. Thanks to God the result is normal. We can sleep at night now without any worries that the nephew will have difficulty in breathing.