Stressful but blessed week

It started when my seven months old nephew get high fever. The nephew is chilling and looks so pale when the sister came to the house and asked for help. Because we are so worried, we rushed the nephew to the hospital to have the nephew check. Only then we know that the nephew had fever that is why he is chilling and look pale. We are glad that he is fine and we did not have to confine him at the hospital. A day after we brought the two years old to the pediatrician because of severe cough and he also throwing-up after drinking his milk. After their check up, we are glad knowing that the two nephews are fine.

However, the trials are not over yet on that week because the other nephew (my brother’s youngest child) had fever. Also, he keeps on coming back to the bathroom to discharge and vomiting as well. I am so worried so I called the SIL to come home and take her son to the pediatrician. I cannot bring him myself because I look after the sister’s son. Instead of bringing him to the pedia, the SIL prefer to buy medicines. The situation is getting worse to the point of bringing the nephew to the hospital. The nephew was confined at the hospital for four days. Last week was a stressful week for the family but even though, we are still feel blessed because the little boys in the family are fine now. Thanks to God.