Growing so fast

The nephew is growing so fast. He just turns seven months old. He is getting bigger and heavier, but I so love it. I even teach him some tricks, the tricks that he can follow easily. And I am pretty sure what I am talking about because you have taught your kid/s when they were babies. I am so excited to teach him and show to her mother that he learns fast. However, the nephew is not following me. I have been teaching him for two weeks now, and he isn’t following the tricks that I have taught him.

I do understand that he is still young and there is a tendency that he won’t follow what I teach him for his eyes are busy roaming around and touching things that interests him. It is a bit frustrating because I really want him to learn. I guess I am just too excited but the four kids that I have been babysitting before him, learns fast. Well, not all kids are same and I understand that. Maybe the nephew wants to be different from his cousins and older brother. I can wait baby till you follow the tricks I want you to learn.