Give her medicines

My sister told me that her babysitter is not smiling and when she is talking to her, she is not listening. She is afraid that the babysitter is burned out and thinking of leaving. She cannot afford it if the babysitter leaves again because she really needs a babysitter to watch her kids while she is at work. Because the sister is so worried, I told her that I will ask the babysitter of what is wrong and what she thinking so she won’t worry anymore. It took me two days to think of what to ask and tell the babysitter. I have to make sure that I ask in a nice way. I do not want to offend her.

Yesterday, I took the chance to ask the babysitter. Only to find out that she is not feeling well. She had fever that is why she moves very slowly. Her body needs to rest that is why she is not paying attention to my sister the last two days. How can we be so insensitive? Well, if she only told us that she is not feeling well, we would have given her medicine right away. After learning that she is not feeling well, I give her medicines and let her rest so she will get well very soon. I look after the nephews for two day so the babysitter well get more rest. I am glad that she is okay now.