Thanks to my neighbor

Few days ago, I am craving to eat green mango after I saw the fruits of the neighbor’s mango tree. I wanted to buy some to buy neighbor but I did not bother to try again since the last time I did the same, they said no to me. So, I am just contended watching the mango fruits from their mango tree. I do buy at the market though to satisfy my cravings. But this time, I did not buy because I am out of budget. Yes, my wallet is too poor now because I did lots of payments. I am sad that I am running out of money, but thinking that I am already paid my dues, I am happy about it.

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon one of my closest neighbor arrives from the province of his father and gave me two pieces of green mango. Oh yeah! I am so happy because my cravings were answered. Because I do not have extra to buy green mango at the market, God uses my neighbor to give me mangoes for free. How is that!? The mangoes are so crunchy and so yummy. Thanks to my neighbor for the mangoes. God bless you more and hope you will give me some again when you go back to your father’s province.

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  1. by Deli, on August 4 2013 @ 6:29 pm


    How cool is that 🙂 You wished for a mango and it was granted, sent by God through a generous friend. What a blessing 🙂

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