Happy 4th Birthday

 photo ronjbday_zps6090131f.jpgMy cute nephew just turned four years old few days ago. I am happy that he is growing healthy although a bit hard headed one. It was just like yesterday when we celebrated his first birthday, now he is four years old. Time flies really fast I must say, they are getting older and so am I. Seeing them growing under my care makes me so happy, however, thinking that they are growing means I am getting older. I can’t imagine that the baby that I used to carry on my arms is now getting older. And soon, he will start going to school together with his two older sisters.

Anyways, on his fourth birthday I wish the nephew good health, always be a good boy, friendly and respectful to others especially older to him. The family celebrated his birthday with just simple dinner with the family and some invited family friends. His mother bought him a cake to make his birthday complete. The cake is the gift that the celebrant wants to have on his birthday. Well, all kids want a cake on their birthday. Happy birthday again to my nephew and wish you all the best in life. May God bless you always and guide you always. Tita (Aunt) loves you very much!