The 5 months old nephew

It was like yesterday when the nurse brought this little angel in the hospital room where we stayed when the sister gave birth to him. He was so little and so cute. In fact, I am a bit scared to carry him because he was so little. Among the five angels in the family, Andrei is the smallest and the scariest I must say. However, his cuteness surpasses that scared feeling because I really wanted to carry him on my arms. Days, weeks, months pass by and the little Andrei is now on his five months.

Yes, he is five months now and will turn six in the few weeks. He is getting bigger, heavier and bubbly. I took several photos of him smiling. And the photo that I shared here is one of the many smiling pictures that I took. This little angel of the family makes my day less stress even if I am so tired. He smiled at me when I talk to him or even just passing by at him while he is resting on his bouncer. He is the vitamin that I need because he always makes my day enjoyable. In the next few months, he will start climbing and walking. Thinking about it makes me so tired but it is fine because seeing their development each day is a treasure and joy forever.