The newly wed

It is my brother’s dream to marry the woman he deeply love. The dream has come true because last week they tied the knot last week. He and his girlfriend have been in the relationship for seven years and it is about time to settle down and have their own family. Even though they have been in relationship for seven years, still we are surprised when the he told us that they are planning to settle down. It is a surprise for the family because we do not have budget to support the brother. As a family, we do our very best to give our support to the youngest in the family.

The wedding is over and we are very happy that we are able to give our support to the brother. I can see the smile of the newly wed during their wedding day. They were both very happy to the point of crying. Yes, the wedding was very emotional for the couple because of the sacrifices and trials they have been through. Indeed love conquer all because despite the hindrances and the trials, they are able to be together at last. To my brother and my new sister-in-law, congratulations and best wishes!