Straight from Korea

One thing that I am so thankful for since I started blogging is that I am able to meet people from other side of the world.  Although we have not seen each other for real, they have become my friends.  I can say that aside from earning doing blogging, I have gained lots of friends that makes my blogging career so meaningful and enjoyable.  I have receives few gifts from my blogging friends.  I felt important because they spent money just to send the present for me.  I am always thankful for the friendship and for accepting me as one of their friends.

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Just recently, the presents from my blogging friend in Korea arrived.  I am so happy because I really did not expect that she would give me a presents.  Inside the envelop are the postcards from Korea and India, and also key chains from Korea.  See the image that I have shared here.  I am so thankful to Ryanne Calwill for the wonderful presents.  Looking at the postcards makes me feel like I visit Korea and India and see their beautiful spots.  I know this is a bit late post Ryanne, but please know that I treasure it and will keep it.  I do hope that one day we will be able to meet for real.  May God bless you always! Thanks again!

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