Happy but sad

Few days ago, my uncle passed away. It was the saddest moment of his family. He was confined in the hospital for days but was not able to recover. I felt sad for my cousins and my aunt because they are not ready yet to accept that their father passed away. They wanted him to fight back but then again, my uncle is too weak to recover. My uncle is 78 years old and lives a wonderful life. Though it is not good to say this, but I think 78 years old isn’t bad at all.

Anyways, the death of their father made their family get together. The cousins who are working in northern area of the country went home. They have worked for years there and seldom see their parents and some siblings who live with their parents in the province. They are happy to see each other again but sad because their father passed away. The absence of their father makes the family stronger. They comforted each other and comforted their sad mother. Death means not seeing that particular person, and it will take time to forget and accept. But if we are to think about the happiest moment when they are around, and thinking that the/she is still there watching us would help us in accepting that, that person is now in the place of our Almighty Father.