Happy 66th years

A week ago, the family celebrated the 66th birthday of my father. It was a double celebration with the nephew’s christening. The sister intended to have double celebration since the birthday of father falls on Sunday. On his special day, we went to the church to attend a mass. Also, the father offered a thanks giving mass for his 66th birthday. The celebration was a memorable for the father because his friends were there celebrating with him. Because he is not allowed to drink anymore, he just entertains his friends and offers those drinks.

The father is not perfect, but he is special to us. He is our strength because our mother passed away 23 years ago. I thank God for the 66 years of life He has given to my father. On my father’s 66th years, I wish him good health because he is always sick these past days. I wish him long life, so that he can enjoy the days playing with his grandchildren and more bonding with us. Lastly, I wish him all the best in life. Also, I pray that the father will be more patient. Though it is understandable of him being sick because of his age, I still pray that he won’t get very sick. Happy Birthday father and God bless you always!