The high school reunion

I love to attend a high school reunion because I get to see my high school friends and school mates. It is good to see them once again now that we are a bit older. I like to know their whereabouts and get to know our life after the graduation. Anyways, four years ago I attended our high school reunion for the first time. Aside from I wanted to see my batch mates and friends, I also like the venue of the event. It was an overnight celebration at the pool. I love to swim, so I went with one of my closest friends. The program and the games lasted for two hours. And we can go to swim. It was 12 midnight and we are not allowed to go swimming because the employee is cleaning the pool using hayward robotic pool cleaner. Because we are not allowed to swim, I just watched the guy cleaning the pool. The cleaner did clean the pool very well. After two hours, we are allowed to swim and enjoy the water in the pool.