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Last Sunday, April 07, 2011, we celebrated the Christening of the family’s baby Andrei. The celebration was simple but memorable because most of the invited guests came and celebrate with us. The sister is so thankful for the time they gave to celebrate with us. The foods that we ready did make the guests happy and full. Thanks to my older brother for preparing the foods.

 photo GEDC0933_zps219be702.jpg

Above is the photo I took when the parish priest performing one of the important rituals of the baptism. Unfortunately some of the godparents did not able to come for important reasons. Made the sister a bit sad but she did understand the situation. Even so, she is still glad because four of the godparents came and the invited guests. The celebration was a success and memorable for the family. Thanks for those who came and most especially, thanks God for the blessings You have showered upon us.