It’s late but still excited

My far away friend is going to send me his birthday gift. Though it is too late because my birthday was last month, still I am so excited. He already showed to me the stuffs he bought for me, but hasn’t mailed yet for some reasons. We have been online friends for four years I guess. We treasured our friendship a lot because it is seldom to find good friends online. He is indeed a good friend because he remembers my birthday. I am so blessed to find a friend like him online. The last time we talked, he told me that he will mail the gifts soon. Nyay! I am so excited!

I hope that it will reach on our doorstep. There are so many issues about lost letters, packages, and boxes in the post office. I do hope that my gifts will arrive. When the gifts arrives, I will for sure shared it here what is inside. I already know what is inside because he showed it to me, but still I am so excited. Thank to you my friend for the gifts and for the friendship. You are so thoughtful. May God bless you more and may you live longer life.