To age well at home

Compared to babies, elders are difficult to handle because they have lots of demands. This is what I have experienced from my sickly father. Even though I get mad sometimes, I have to take good care of him because he is my father. As his daughter, it is my responsibility to attend his needs with the absence of my mother. And because my father is old and moody and hard headed I have to widen my patience because he gets angry if I did not bring his needs and wants. Sometimes I am having a hard time because I do not have any background about care giving. I just do what I think is right which is wrong because elders has to be treated and cared well especially if they are just at home. As much as possible I want to do the best I can for my father to age well at home. Good thing I bumped and visit this website while I was browsing on the internet. It is a big help for me.

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