My one month old nephew

My one month old nephew is gaining more weight and becoming a bubbly one. I like to carry him and talk to him because he loves to smile every time I talk to him. Even though he can’t see clearly yet, he responds to me through smiling. I am enjoying every second, minutes, hours, days playing with my little nephew. I can’t wait for him to grow, walk, talk and can play with me. I can tell that the other nephew is jealous because he spank his younger brother when I carried and play with his brother. I really love kid/s that’s why I like to spend time with them. Even though where neighbours I missed my bubbly one month old nephew.

Looking at this little fella reminds me of the other nephews and nieces that I babysit for years now. How time really flies so fast, the kids are growing, getting older and now they are five of them that I will love and cherish. Anyways, while this little fella is growing each day, I am enjoying him very much. In few more weeks, his mother will go back to work so he will be under my care. More time to spend with Andrei and more memorable bonding between him and me soon. Things that his mother would miss because seeing their activities and development each day is a treasure.