Thank God she is fine

Three days ago, the niece fell while playing at the house of the neighbour. I was so nervous after seeing her unconscious. I was yelling at my two brothers who happen to be there while the kids are playing. I got angry at them and telling them why they let the kids play at the neighbor’s. But there is no use because the damage is already done. Because the niece is unconscious, I rush her to the nearest hospital to have her check to know her condition. After the doctor checked her and seen the X-ray result, I am relieved. But the doctor said that is the niece is vomiting, we have to bring her back to the hospital.

The night when the niece fell and in the morning of the following day, the niece continues vomiting. The SIL decided to bring her to the hospital and the doctor said she has to be admitted to have her checked thoroughly. The family is so worried when the doctor advises for the niece CT scan. Though we are want to think positive and think that the niece’s condition is fine, still negative thoughts comes in our minds.

After a day of observation, the doctor said that the niece is fine and she can go home. “Thank you God she is fine”, these are the words that comes out in my mouth after hearing that the niece is fine. God is really good indeed. He hears our prayers.