My 34th year

Yes! You heard it right. I just turned 34 this month. I am happy because I reached this age, and at the same time sad because I am getting older. Haha! I know many would ask if I am still single and so I would tell it here. Yes, I am single and I am happy. Though there are times that I wish I have someone, share secrets with someone aside from my sister, but I have to accept that the special someone is not yet here. God is perfectly wrapping it for me. Woohoo!

Anyways, my 34th year in this world is meaningful to me. Why? Because the sister just gave birth to her second baby. Another angel in the family that would bring joy and happiness. The sister bought a birthday cake for me with the name of the nephews and nieces that I babysit for years. I like the feeling seeing the name of the kids written on the icing of the cake. It makes me feel so special and appreciated. Also, the second older brother helps me in cooking and preparing the foods that we are going to share on the table. Even though I have fever, I am so happy and glad that the family is there greeting and celebrating with me. Thanks to my family for everything.

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  1. by Gagay, on February 1 2013 @ 3:31 am


    happy birthday dat! di jud ko kalimot sa imung bday ke same mog bday sako motherly 🙂

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