Mother and son

After nine months of carrying the baby inside her womb, the mother can now hug, kiss, carry and enjoy each moment with her baby. I was looking at my sister and my nephew sleeping together for the first time. Yes, I was there in the hospital waiting for my sister to come out and the baby. I am scared when the schedule CS operation came. I pray that the sister will give birth safely and the baby is in good condition. When the doctor informed us that the baby is in the nursery section, we went there to look at the baby for the first time. We were also informed that the sister is safe but still sleeping. She will be brought to the room after she regains consciousness.

Three hours after the operation, the sister was brought to the room and two hours later the baby was room in. The nurse put the baby besides my sister. I am enjoying looking at them resting and sleeping and took a photo of them. It is so cute to see the image of the mother and the son sleeping together for the first time. This would be one of the unforgettable memories between the two of them. Congratulations sister and welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei.