Wishes was granted

Just like the other little girls, my niece does have a simple wish on her 8th birthday this year. She wishes to celebrate her special day at the beach. Aside from she loves to swim a lot, she just wants to celebrate her birthday at the beach for a change. Also, she wants a cake to complete the day. Because her birthday is fall on Monday we decided to go to the beach on Sunday, a day before her birthday. Due to busy schedule and busy preparing for her day, we forgot to buy a cake. Good thing it is not her birthday yet. We just buy a cake on her birthday. And because she is grandfather’s little granddaughter, it was my father who bought a cake on her birthday.

The little girl simple wishes did granted. I can tell that she is so happy on her special day. The happiness was doubled because we are celebrating her birthday two days in a row. First day, we celebrated it at the beach with some invited friends and relatives. And on the second day was with the family. It is a simple celebration but meaningful and memorable for the celebrant. At eight, I can tell that the niece will remember her 8th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Ella and wish you all the best in life.