Thanks very much Mary Anne

Last Sunday, my internet connection is really bad and I do have lots of writing tasks to be done. I was on panicked because I wanted to finish it before the cut-off time. I am rebooting my laptop many times, done the troubleshooting, but still the connection is very bad. I cannot open even a single browser. It is frustrating I must say. I thought of slapping my laptop. That is how frustrated and disappointed I was with my internet connection. But even if I do that, still my internet connection won’t come back to normal.

I am glad that my friend Mary Anne (Mary Anne’s Musing is one of her multiple blogs) is online. I asked her if I could go at their place to use her Wi-Fi connection. I am so desperate to finish my tasks on time. I am so happy that she said yes. And because she stayed at their home the whole day, I grabbed the opportunity to finish my tasks. With Mary Anne’s kind heart and help my little brain, I was able to finish my writing tasks. Thanks very much Mary Anne for the free Wi-Fi and the foods. I would love to go back again because your internet connection is fast, plus the free foods. Haha! God bless you more Mary Anne.