Early gift from the sister

The sister always told me that she will be giving something for me this Christmas. As her way of saying thank you from the favour I did to her. Well, if you did not know I babysit the sister’s son since she does not have a babysitter. I am not expecting something in return because I do it out of love. We are family and family does helping each other, right? I am extending my hands to any of my family member to help if I could. It is always a good feeling to be able to help.

Anyways, the sister already given the gift she told me to give to me. As expected, she did give me the one that I wanted to have. It is not in kind because the sister knows I have something that I wanted to buy. That gives her an idea to give me cash instead of kind. Awesome! In fact she did give extra. How is that? Indeed my sister is a kind and giving sister as always. Thanks sister for the gift. Love you much!

How about you? Did you receive an early gift/s too? What is it? Mind to share? Or did you give early Christmas gift/s?