Getting things ready for the nephew’s birthday

Even the sister is eight months pregnant and advised not to get tired because her condition is not good, still she managed to prepare the things needed for her son’s second birthday this month. Though it is just a simple celebration, the sister wants to make sure that it is a memorable one and that all the visitors will have a good time. The nephew’s birthday is on the 25th day of this month. Just like last year, not all invited visitors are able to come because it’s Christmas day; still the sister invited them this year.

The sister is done listing the things she needs like rent table and chairs, balloon, cake, menu and the theme of the party. Well, there will be a little party for the kids. My nephew is a playful kid, I am sure he will enjoy playing with invited kids. Though he is just two years old, I tell my nephew is a smart kid just like her mom. Wink* We have three more weeks to get all the things done. One by one we will make the preparation be ready few days before the birthday of the nephew. I do hope that the invited guest will come.