Do you give gifts?

Woot! Woot! The month of December sets in. I can really feel the Christmas season, the cold blowing of the wind, the Christmas decorations on the streets, malls, houses, schools and other establishments. Also, the malls and other department stores are so busy because shoppers are doing early Christmas shopping. Indeed, this particular month makes the people spent a lot. Agree? Yes, very much! Even I spent a bit during this season. It is because I like to give gifts to my love ones and people who are dear to me.

I believe in the saying that “It is better to give than to receive.” I am trying to follow this saying, even in my simple ways. The reason I am mentioning about giving gifts this Christmas season because I love to give gifts. It is my way of sharing the blessings that I have received from up above. Giving of gifts is like sharing my blessings to others. Besides, Christmas is the season of sharing and giving.

Anyways, do you give gifts during this time of the year? Why do you give gifts? Do you give and expect something in return? If you’re giving gifts, how is your shopping so far?

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  1. by Deepti, on December 3 2012 @ 12:50 am


    Christmas is not the only season for gift giving.
    Christmas is For-Giving.
    We learn how to forgive others, how to ask for forgiveness,
    and what it means to be forgiven.

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