I prefer comfortable than fashionable

Unlike other women out there, I am not into high-heeled shoes and fashionable shoes. To me, it is best to wear shoes that makes my feet comfortable to wear especially for a long walk. That is why every time I buy shoes, I prefer flat shoes, slipper type kind of shoes and best pain relief shoes because my feet and legs gets tired easily. I know that wearing high-heeled fashionable shoes is the trend today however, if I am not comfortable wearing it I don’t bother buying it. Besides there are high-heeled shoes that are comfortable to wear, I just have to search online and look at the malls. Owning fashionable one is useless if I am not comfortable wearing it.

So, to all the girls out there what do you prefer in buying for shoes? Are you like me that prefers comfortable than fashionable one? Share your thoughts.