Beware and Be Aware

Watching television shows and movies/films on DVD/CD is one of the family’s simple bonding at home. We are not fond of going out during weekdays, that is why the brother always bring DVD/CD every Friday and Saturday. When the family is doing this simple bonding, the kids ( four kids to be exact) never miss to sit on the center table. My father (their grandfather) gets angry because he doesn’t want the kids to sit on the table. He is afraid that the glass on the center table will crack and the kids will get hurt. Though he is not wishing it to happen, he is just being cautious.

Where did you get that idea to sit on the center table? The common question that the father asked to his grandchildren every time they are sitting on the center table. He is wondering at first but after seeing his two sons sitting on the center table he already knows the answer to his question. Also, the father does sits on the center table unconsciously. One day, I saw my two brother sitting on the center table, I grabbed my camera and took a photo of them.

See the image I shared above. The image is an evidence that the kids does follow what they saw. If the elders are doing it, the young ones think that it is right doing it. As responsible elders, we have to be aware of our actions because young ones are imitating and following what we are doing. So, beware and be aware.

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  1. by Raspberry, on November 13 2012 @ 5:29 pm


    I agree with you. I have three children and I always try to make it a point to be a good example to them. This is also not just limited to our actions as adults but this is also with what they see in television and with what they hear from others. So beware and be aware 🙂

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