Visiting the mother’s grave

November 1 and 2 are the days where people commemorates the All Saints and All Souls day. People will go visit their love ones who passed away. And yesterday we visited the mother’s grave. Like the usual, we bring foods at the cemetery and eat lunch there. Having lunch in front of the mother’s grave, feels like we are having lunch with her. Offered prayers and lightning candles. I am pretty sure that my mother is happy wherever she is seeing the whole family spend half day there. Also, some relatives came to visit her grave and the mother’s younger sister. These days are one of the memorable days to me because we get to spend time with the mother. Though her presence is not there, her spirit and love is with us.

Before the sunsets, we left the cemetery. While walking, the brother and his girlfriend suggested to go to the mall. It was a nice idea though since the family seldom go to the mall together. Perfect bonding for the whole family I must say. We had our dinner at the mall. Of course the brother and his girlfriend’s treat. Having dinner at the mall with the whole family is a memorable one. The brother and his girlfriend do treat the family every time they are at the city. The family appreciate it a lot and so touched with this gesture. Every time they are in the city, they see to it that they give some time with the family. Showing that they care and value the family. Thanks to both of you for the treat. May God bless you always!