My mother’s 24th death anniversary

Times really flies so fast I must say. Few days ago, we celebrated the 24th death anniversary of my dear mother. We visited her grave in the morning, offer prayers, light candles, and bring flowers. We spent three hours there before going home. While at there, we were talking of the past times when the mother is still alive and talking lots of what if. The four grandchildren are busy cleaning the grave, playing with candles and mentioning about their grandmother as if they have been her before. Listening to them makes me thing of many what ifs in my mind. It the mother is still alive, I am pretty sure she will love to spent more time with her grandchildren.

This year’s celebration is memorable for the family because we also commemorating the death anniversary of my grandmother. Also, the younger brother is home not like last year. I like the relationship we have now because after the misunderstanding, we became more closer to each other. I am pretty sure that the mother is happy now wherever she is because her youngest son is home celebrating with us. Her dearly son among the siblings.