Fixing the motorcycle

While the brother is trying to fix the motorcycle of the sister, the kids are bugging him. Always asking him what he is doing, picking up the tools, roaming around and other things. The brother cannot concentrate from what he is doing that is why he called me and says, get the kids inside the house. I took the kids and locked the door. But the kids are crying and banging the door. It is really noisy and so I open the door and let them play outside. I went out also to watch them play. I was looking at the kids when I noticed that the brother is looking for something. He was looking for the cotter pins. I don’t know what it looks like so I did not bother to help him. haha! I went my attention back to the kids who are busy playing when I saw something on the nephew’s hand. I moved closer and get the thin in his hands. Maybe it is the one that the brother is looking for. I took it and gave it to the brother. I am right, the cotter pins that the brother is looking for is at the nephew’s hand.