Teaching her how to pray the rosary

The father used to pray the rosary everyday. The sister and I used to go with him then. But stopped for sometime now because he gets very sickly. Just recently, the father decided to pray again the rosary. He has done it alone for a month until he decided to teach the seven years old niece to pray with him. He gave to the niece the copy of how to pray the rosary and the responses. Good thing the niece already memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary. It is easy for the father to teach the grand-daughter. Now, the father’s partner in praying the rosary is his grand-daughter who is seven years old.

Since the niece is schooling in the morning, they do the rosary when he niece arrives from school. The father tried to convince the nine years old niece but she does not want to. Seeing them praying together, reminds me of the days where the father, sister and I used to pray the rosary. I am happy though that the niece loves to do it. She sometimes told the father to start the rosary the moment she enters the door. wink* I wish to pray with them one of these days but I cannot concentrate because of the two little fellas who keeps me busy. I hope one day I will join them kneel and pray the holy rosary.