Attending a bible sharing class

Back when I was in high school, I was invited by a friend to attend a bible sharing class at their church. We do not have the same religion but since she invited me and I am curious about this bible sharing class, I give it a try to experience for once. The bible sharing class lasted for two hours. It was a good experience for me for it gives me idea about bible sharing. They provided foods for snacks for us. My first impression is that the bible sharing class is a bit boring but then I was wrong. It was good and I enjoyed my stay there. Everyone are friendly and welcoming visitors from other religion. I get to meet people from different religions, learned about their belief, religion and lots more. Their church is very nice even if it is small. And because their church is small they uses stackable church chairs. It is very comfortable to sit on, also saves space because they pile the chairs on the corner. They just get chair if someone comes. If I were to buy chair at home, I prefer this kind of chairs.