Suddenly Disappeared

While I am busy attending the one year old nephew to have his morning nap, the three years old nephew is in the living room watching cartoons with his grandfather (my father). I was hearing the voice of my three years old nephew when suddenly he went silent. I thought he was just busy watching. After 30 minutes, I went outside the room to check my other nephew. I am surprised after seeing that the nephew is not in the living room. Only my father was there and sleeping. Where did the nephew go?

I hurriedly woke up my father telling him to watch the other nephew who is sleeping because I am going to look for the three years old nephew. Lots f negative thoughts that comes into my mind and it makes me more worried. What if something bad happened to the nephew? What if someone took him away? I heard rumors about young ones being kidnapped and I am so worried. I went to the neighbors houses and asked if they saw my nephew. I felt like crying because five of the neighbors said they haven’t seen the nephew. I wanted to scam and shout out loud for I do not know where to find him. I was sitting outside the house thinking of where to find him, when I saw the six years old daughter of the neighbor with the nephew. I feel relieved after seeing the nephew. Thanks God nothing bad happen to them. I wonder where did they go. After the incident I decided to always locked the gate so that the nephew will stay inside the house.