The Birthday Girl

Birthday is the most important day and occasion in ones life. The very first day where we experienced the gift of life. When this day comes, we love to celebrate it with our family, close friends, love ones and relatives. This maybe one of the reasons why this pretty lady Abegail on the photo went back home all the way from Norway. Yes, she went home to celebrate her special day with her family, friends, and relatives here in the Philippines. She is a friend of my sister since high school. I envy the kind of friendship they have. However, I am happy because I am always invited every time they have gatherings. Adopted one so to speak. Thanks a lot for always inviting me and consider me one of your friends. (feeling close) haha!

Anyways, she is such a sweet person to treat her friends on her special day ( including me). Thanks very much Abegail. I wish you all the best in life. Good health, happy family and more blessings to come. May God bless you always!

P.S. That guy behind her is serenading us and singing happy birthday while we are savoring the yummy foods on the table.