Have their own house

The dream of the sister to have their own house is finally come true. Yes, they just bought the house they have rented for a year. Also, they paid it in full the amount of the house and lot at the housing loan agency. By just looking at the face of my sister, I can tell that she is very happy. Her plans and goals are slowly coming true. Double the happiness because she just bought the house near our house. Awesome! The family will not missed her that much because she can visit us anytime and we can visit her anytime as well. The hard work and prayers of the sister has answered.

Now that the house is fully paid, the sister can now do whatever she wants. She has lots of plans to improve the house she just bought. In fact her husband does draw the look of their house soon. Excited? Yes, very much! haha! Can’t blame them, they just acquired the house they dreamed to have. Indeed, things do come true if we work hard and do our very best to meet what we want in life. Congratulations to my sister and her family. The title of the house will be delivered to your doorstep soon. Home sweet home for you!