Shams and the Bedroom

Shams are an exciting way to accent your bedroom environment. These accessories can be purchased to fit uniformly with current bed settings or you can add a splash of color to offset your decor. If you are looking to accent teenage bedding, then allow your teenager to select their own style. If you have children who love stuffed animals, then make a fun and comfortable addition to the bed by incorporating a matching theme. To showcase your child’s forest themed bedroom, incorporate dark green and brown colors; additionally, an ocean or beach theme can be easily complimented with tan and light blue coverings.

These pillow shams are perfect for matching personalized teenage bedding for a custom feel. Set a single pillow with delicate gold or ivory trimmings in the middle of two pillows in white or dark pillowcases for an understated, sophisticated look, or mix and match favorite colors for a personalized, custom feel. Not only stylish, they add a cozy touch to classic bedrooms as well. Sage green fabrics and brown corduroy can provide the feel of a country lodge, and additional shades of brown and tan will perfect the look.

Shams are specifically designed to make your bedding stand out. Shams are used for decorative pillows – though you can sleep on them as you would a larger pillow, they are intended be used solely for decoration and are more likely to maintain their original shape if they are not used for sleeping. These covers come in a variety of rectangular shapes and many colors and styles, so try them to accent your bed and enhance the overall style of your bedroom.