It’s good to share

One of the misunderstanding issues in the family is about sharing of expenses.  This is the reality of life that many does not want to face because they do not want to share or give what they have.  Because of this issue, misunderstanding in the family arises.  What I am telling about is based on my experience and observation.  This is inevitable that is why concern parties must talk about and solve the issue before it becomes bigger.  We all know that times are not that easy for all of us, but even though still we are able to overcome it when we share and give what we have.  Nothing beats the value of sharing and giving.

Just recently, the family applied the art of sharing.  And it really feels good to share the blessings that we have.  It lessen the burdens that the family is facing especially in the financial issues.  Whether we like it or not, financial really matters.  We cannot move nor get the things that we need and wants if we do not have the purchasing power (money).  I have shared what I have to the family and it makes me smile that I am able to help in my own little way.  Family very important to me and so I am doing my best to share because it really feels good to share.