Excited for theie school camping

The nieces will be having their girls scout camping at the school this weekend. It is their first time to join and they are very much excited. They will be very busy this weekend and the nine years old will sleep at the school and will be home on Sunday afternoon. They have a list of the things they will used in the activities at school and their personal things to bring. Her parents are checking everything before putting it inside her bag. The seven years old will not stay for the night, only her sister who is nine years old. She is still young and not so attentive to her things that is why her parents are always reminded her to be careful and take good care of her things. Though the niece says yes, I am still worried because kids are kids.

Anyways, I hope the nieces will enjoy their three days girls scout activities at school. I wish that they will learn many things and will develop their self-confidence. Joining camping is one way of making friends and meeting new people. This is what I like when I attended school camping years back. So, to the girls good luck and to your school camping and God bless. Enjoy the moment and at the same time learn new things.