Happy Birthday to You

Just yesterday this stubborn younger brother of mine celebrates his 29th birthday. The family is waiting for him to arrive since he lives far from us. I am glad that he made it with his girlfriend. Yes, he decided to celebrates it with us. This is to cope up because last year, he was away from us. Though they did not last longer because they have to go back early for no one will attend to their store. Even though the celebration is very short, we did have a good time and enjoyed the foods on the table. Thanks to you and your gf for the wonderful birthday treat.

To my younger brother I wish you all the best in life, happiness in life and good health of course. I do pray for your success in life as well. As I have seen and noticed, you are happy and satisfied with your life right now. I do wish that this is for good and forever. May you have a good life together. Always remember that we will always be there for you anytime you needed someone to talk to and needs help. Though I cannot promise when it comes to money. haha! Anyways, happy birthday again and I wish you good luck and God bless!