Because he is nervous

My brother-in-law does not smoke. He thinks that it is not good for his health. Which is good because my sister does not like a guy who smokes. This may be one of the reason the sister likes him. haha! However, I once saw the brother-in-law is smoking. That was the time when the sister is giving birth to their first child. I guess he was too nervous that time because the sister is inside the delivery room for more than 24 hours. I can tell that he so worried about the sister’s condition inside the operating room because the sister undergone caesarian section.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be seeing brother-in-law smoking again because the sister is four months on the way. Yes, she is carrying their second bundle of joy. Five more months and this little angel will add happiness and smile on their abode. Since the brother-in-law smokes only when he is nervous, I think of buying him a padron cigar. It would make him feel more relax when the sister is on labor.