Fireplaces then and now

For most people living in the cold regions having the presence of fire inside the house is indispensable. These days, despite the modern ways of heating one’s home there’s still something about a fireplace that is pleasing to have around. Its comfort soothes the soul like no other.

Back in the old days, the method of using woods for heating homes is almost as old as dirt but is likewise the most effective way to contain a fire within the comfort of one’s home, no matter its size. Most fireplaces in the earlier times were made of stones and strategically a hole in the roof of the structure to allow smoke to vent skyward – simple, low tech and still effective although not as efficient as the modern innovations of today – smoke, ash and dirt-free.

These days, contemporary fireplaces don’t only keep you and your family warm on chilly winter nights but it also has a decorative quality a home owner can make use of to enhance a living room. And whether you’re using electric, gas, pellet stoves or wood, when it comes to customizing a fireplace that is sure to meet your specifications, Agee Woodworks is the place to be. You can contact them by dialling the following numbers: 877-768-3678 or simply visit their website at