Do you have celebrity look-alike? Well, I do have. See the image above and do make a comment. haha!

I was checking messages and update in Facebook when I saw a friend having a celebrity look-alike. It is cute and cool that is why I open the link and see if I have a celebrity look-alike too. After the loading is done, I am surprised that I do have a celebrity look-alike. And she is no other than Hilary Duff. Really? Is this true? I hope it is. haha!

The similarity is 84% which is so cool. I am smiling looking at the photo of Hilary Duff and I and check of the similarities. Well, we both are girls so that is 50%. haha! I enjoyed watching this image and share it here to let you know that my face is not only local but can be international too. wink! Try at your end and see if there is any celebrities that looks like you. Though this is just for fun, I am enjoying it and loving it. I wonder,, do I really look like her or Hillary Duff look like me? What you think?


  1. by badat, on August 7 2012 @ 12:20 pm


    nagcomment ko ani sa imung epbi!

  2. by chie wilks, on August 7 2012 @ 2:18 pm


    stateside man jud imong beauty sis oi…pareho bitaw mo ni hillary..bulaw lang xa og hair sis..hehehe

    visitig her diay..dugay2x pud la ko kavisit

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