I want this as a gift

It is like yesterday when the world celebrates Christmas and New Year. Now, we are half way there. Five more months and we will be celebrating Christmas and embracing New year. How time really fly so fast nowadays. Anyways, I am saying this because some people at this early, buys gifts and presents that they will give to their love ones. At this time also, various of items on sale at the malls and department stores started. In fact, I am doing my window shopping already of what would be the nice gifts that I could give to my family.

Giving gifts during special occasions like Christmas is showing the love and care we have to our love ones. It doesn’t matter whether is it expensive or not because it is the thoughts that counts. If someone would asked me of what gift I would like to receive, I would definitely say the flip cameras. Why? Because I am a frustrated photographer and I want to capture every moment of my life and capture interesting objects, scenes, spots, and adventure I see and experience. So to my friends and love ones if you think of giving me a gift, you know what I wanted to have. Thanks is advance. wink