He turns three today


The very cute little fella above is my nephew Ronj who turns three years old today. Times really fly so fast. It was like yesterday when I carried him on my arms. Now, he can run, argue, bubbly, and messy. whew! He is very much excited that it’s his birthday today. He keeps on bugging his grandfather and me to buy his ice cream and cake. He even checked the wallet of his grandfather. He said, ‘ he wanted to see the money allotted for the cake and ice cream’. lol

Early this morning, I greeted him after he woke up. He is asking for the cake so I gave him 20 pesos. He smiled and tell his father he can buy now a cake on his birthday. Innocent mind isn’t it? Anyways, Happy Birthday Ronj. I wish you good health and be a good boy always. Also, refrain from yelling. Okay? God bless you always!