Lucky Friday the 13th

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. The day where many were scared of including me because of the so-called bad luck that will happen. I used to believed that this day is really bad luck that is why I don’t go out to keep myself safe. Though I haven’t heard bad things happens that connected to this day, still I am scared. For me, prevention is better than cure. So yesterday, I stay at home with the kids. No reason to go out somewhere though. I do my online stuffs because I got writing jobs to do. It’s just arrived and I am so happy.

Anyways, my Friday the 13th was a lucky day. I received payments and writing jobs. Woohoo! Another cents to be added in my saving account. Thank you advertisers, friends and God for this wonderful blessings, as always. I pray for more blessings to come. Also, the members of the family got home safely especially the kids who came from school. With prayers and faith to God nothing bad will happen to us. Just keep believing in Him for He will guide and light our ways always.

How about you? How does Friday 13th to you? I hope it is all good luck! God bless everyone!