The meaning of colored candles

The Baclayon Church was one of the places in out itinerary last summer escapade. It is one of the oldest church in Bohol, Philippines. I have heard so much about this church that is why I am so eager to visit the church one day. True enough, I did visited the church last summer. I am so happy that at last I get to see the beauty and miracles that the church’s has. When I am about to enter inside the church, I saw a big banner with colors and writings. When I look at it closer, I saw the writing ‘Meaning of candles”. Awesome right? There is a woman here sitting and selling different colors of candles. It is up to you what you think is the best color to choose. But you have to read the meaning first because it does help.

Before I read the writings about the meaning of candle, I already knew what color to pick. I go for pink because pink is my favorite color. When I read the meaning of the pink candle, I smiled because it fits for me. I then light the candle, utter some prayers and then go inside the church. It was a very nice experienced to visit the oldest church. I do hope I will be able to come visit again the Baclayon church.

See the meaning of the pink candle? That’s my pick. What about you? What color you think is best and fits to you? Read the meanings and start lighting of candle now.