He wants her to carry him

After the sister learns that she is pregnant, she seldom carry her one year old son because he is a bit heavy. I can attest to that. Sometimes I get so tired carrying him at home or every time we went to the mall or go out. The sister is refraining herself from carrying her son because her condition is not good. She feels like fainting sometimes, vomiting and sometimes her abdomen is aching. She went to the OB and told the OB about the abdomen pain. She was told that her womb is contracting and it is not good for her is she carries heavy things. If possible she would get lots of rest for the first trimester. After that, her condition will be better.

Every time the sister gets home from work, her son is very much excited. He is like running around the house, smiling and even crawling on the floor. I can really tell that he really misses his mother. Unfortunately, his mother cannot carry him like she used to do before she got pregnant. She just give her son a hug and kisses. But seems like he is not contented with that because he wants his mother to carry him. The sister will just said that she cannot carry him for now. And because he is young and cannot understand , he just cry aloud. Poor littler baby. I wish he is old enough to understand. I just carried on his mother’s behalf. haha! Just wait for few more weeks JC and your mother will carry you.