In her two months

The sister is now two months pregnant. The first trimester that she doesn’t like because she has this morning sickness and her body is always tired. Even is she wants to just stay in the house, lay down and get some rest, she cannot afford to do it because she needs to work. She told me that her condition now is worse that her first baby. But she is able to manage it just that when she get home from work, she is like flat tire. Though this won’t last long because after her first trimester, she will get better and no more morning sickness.

These are what the mother has experienced in her pregnancy period. Things that treasured and cherished because the baby and mother bonding happens. Nine months are not easy but awesome experience of every mom to be. The sister is in her two months now, long way to go because she has seven months left before she will give birth to their second baby. The family are excited and wish she will have baby girl this time. I do hope that the first trimester of the sister will end soon so that no more morning sickness so that she can have a bonding with her first baby. The son that always wants her to carry him when she gets home from work. Once again, congratulations sister!

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  1. by Pinx, on July 1 2012 @ 11:25 pm


    i hate getting pregnant because i don’t like the first trimester! but it doesn’t mean that i don’t like children, it’s the morning sickness and all that i don’t like. i have had the worst first trimesters ever!!!! everything i ate, i throw up! i was literally telling myself that i don’t like to wake up anymore. it’s that worse. but i will always cherish those times. hard but memorable.

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