The job that supports his family

One thing to recognize a blogger is when they are taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Bloggers do love to captures nice spots, and interesting things they have seen on the road, malls, parks, and other places to share something about the captured image on their websites. And that is what I am doing every time I go out of the house. And the image I shared is what I saw when I went to the beach with my sister and her friends.

We were riding on the motorboat on our way to the next island (as you can see the silhouette), when I thought of taking a photo of the man who controls the direction of the motorboat. When the boat is on the right direction, this man immediately turn on the motor. I get the chance to talk to this man after he sits down in from of the motorboat. He has been doing this job since the day the resort started to operates. I am amazed when he told me that his job supports her family financially. What a noble job I must say. He didn’t bother the heat and the waves everyday. To him, he is doing this for his family. Kudos to this man for his job is one of a kind. Something that we should be proud of. For without him/them, we cannot reach to the resort.