Items to put in the loot bags

Few more weeks and the nephew will be celebrating his 3rd birthday. Just enough age I guess to have his first birthday party. Yes, this will be his first birthday party because we opted not to have it during his 1st and 2nd birthday. We wanted him to enjoy his first birthday party that is why we decided to have it when he is a bit old to understand what is going on. Good idea isn’t it? haha! I am pretty sure that he will love his party next month because the family is thinking of giving him a little surprises.

When we think of a birthday party, one thing that kids are more excited to receive the loot bags that is given by the celebrant because of what is inside. Kids are aware that they will get candies, tiny toys, biscuits, stickers, chocolates and lot more inside the loot bag. And because we are planning of having simple birthday party for the nephew, I am thinking of buying Penny Candy to put inside the loot bags. Seeing this item inside the loot bags will make the kids happy and smiling.

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  1. by Pinx, on June 6 2012 @ 3:58 pm


    ooohhhs, you gave me the idea, it’s baby job’s birthday on the 24th. i will buy one like that to put in the loot bags… thanks for the idea gen

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