She is now a license teacher

Months ago, a friend of mine is so depressed because she did not able to pass the examination to become a license teacher. She has a tone of disappointed and wanted to give up her dreams. As a friend, I always gives the positive side of every thing, how lucky she is and not to give up. I also told her that giving up means failure. In life there are things that is not so easy to have and get. Our patience and determination are test because we are going to meet several trials and difficulties along the way. Sometimes it discourage us to continue moving, but if we look at it, failures do make us a better and wiser person.

After second try, the friend did passed the examination. She is now a license teacher. I am so happy, and proud of her because of the courage, hard work and prayers are answered after seeing the positive result of the examination for teacher. Indeed quitter never wins and the friend of mine proved that. The result came out few days before her birthday. It is a wonderful gift that God has given to her on her birthday. Double celebration so to speak.

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  1. by ladyguinevere, on June 10 2012 @ 8:39 pm


    very nice.. so nice to hear about your friend.. hehehe…

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